We recreated the final showdown of the Wither Storm boss in Story Mode (episode 4) in vanilla Mineraft 1.8. This map is not just a recreation, but also functional, driven by command blocks!

The showdown consists of 3 stages, just like in the game.

Stage 1: Falling down and meeting the command block.

After you’ve exited the lobby by pressing the button you will spawn inside the Wither Storm! You can walk through there (together with Reuben!) and make your way to the room the Command Block is located in! You can damage the command block using your Enchanted Axe, and you will be taken to Stage 2!

Stage 2: The Tentacle Fighting

Now that you damaged the command block, you’ve made it angry. Just like in the game the wither storm will now attack you with his tentacles! You have to kill all the tentacles to be able to climb to the command block, which is just like in the game risen up a few blocks. Of course we couldn’t really recreate the combat style of Story Mode, but to make it a little bit more special we still decided to change a mechanic. Every time you land a hit using your axe, it will change position in your hotbar! You have to press the appropriate hotkey, or scroll to it, to land the next hit!

Stage 3: Cave rotates and the Wither Storm head appears!

After Stage 2, the room gets turned upside down, and just like in the real game a wither head appears! You have to use its beam to climb to it’s head, do some cool parkour jumps, and then deal the final hit to the command block!


Download the Wither Storm map!