Welcome to SkyGrind, next level Skyblock!

It’s Skyblock, but with no cobblestone generators, and with spawners that provide you with resources! You are also not just stuck to one island, but for each quest you complete you get a new island!

This map contains:

  • 20 Areas for you to explore
  • 18 Quests for you to complete
  • 8 Spawners for you to farm at
  • 1 Custom Stronghold for you to fight through
  • 1 Epic Fight against the Enderdragon!

It’s for 1 - 4 players, and build for Minecraft version 1.8 (release).


Download the map!


This map was build by Team Wooloo www.youtube.com/TeamWooloo.

Redstone by: Epicmelon

Builds by: Sekeleton and Aikiebo

Beta-Tested by: Bouwer2100 and DonTwann0

Bugs reported by:

Arkeat: some English grammar mistakes.

Metalhedd: command block we forgot to delete.

Special thanks to:

  • Captainsparklez and Antvenom for playing our other maps and motivating us to keep going :D!
  • BebopVox for mentioning us in his show!

Good luck surviving on your SkyGrind Islands!

~Team Wooloo