Welcome to Nomad Survival! A very hard survival gamemode! You have to survive in a 16x16 (Customizable) area, moving in a certain direction!

This gamemode can be played alone, or with friends. There’s no maximum players, but you should expand the world border size if you play with more than 5 players.


When downloaded, you will see 3 maps and a .schematic file. To play on one of the pre-installed, just put it in your saves folder and open up minecraft in 1.8 (!). You will spawn in front of (Or underneath when playing on multiplayer, just fly up in that case) a small structure with 2 buttons. Press the Options button first, read the book, configure the options you want, then press the second button like told in the book. Don’t stand on the command block structure, let yourself fall down!

When you want to put it in a random generated world, just place the .schematic file somewhere high in the sky and do the same as listed above.

Good luck :D!


Download the map!

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Make a shovel! This saves a lot of time when starting a new mine, giving you more time to dig down!
  2. Don’t mine with a wooden pickaxe, this is too slow to stay in the world border!
  3. Don’t mine too low with a stone pickaxe, you will not be able to get distance off the worldborder, so when it comes close you can’t escape!
  4. Always have 2 iron pickaxes with you when mining
  5. Furnaces are time-consuming, break them on-time before you lose all your stuff!
  6. Chests are useless.
  7. In the nether the world border will pause!
  8. If you have any tips yourself, be sure to post them in the comments!

Good luck with this epic survival challenge!

~Team Wooloo