Follow the installation instructions to install these 6 new mobs! In vanilla Minecraft!

Installation instructions

Prerequisites: 1 command + 1 resource pack (+ 1 optional command)

Commands are below, in boxes, click the box first to select the text.

Command 2 is optional: If you want to make the sharks eat players and fish, install command 2 as well!

Resource pack download is at the bottom of this page.

Installation steps:

  1. Don’t forget to enable the resource pack! (Make sure it is on top of other resourcepacks)
  2. Copy command (Click on text-box, CTRL+A, CRTL+C)
  3. Paste it into a commandblock (/give <*your name*> minecraft:command_block 1)
  4. Activate it (hint: use a redstone block)
  5. Repeat 2, 3 and 4 for command 2 if you want sharks to eat you and fish! (Optional)
  6. Enjoy!


Command 1, (read instructions!):

Command 2, (Optional, again: read instructions!):

Resource pack

Download the resourcepack!