Have YOU ever wanted to be GODZILLA?

Well today we proudly present GODZILLA in MINECRAFT! Where you can be Godzilla, use 9 powerful items, and wreck 3 different city’s!



Please put your Minecraft Settings to the following:

FOV: Between 60 and 70

SOUNDS: Loud and Clear

But put Music and Friendly Creatures OFF!

Texture Pack: Every texture pack is compatible! I recommend Faithful!

for YouTubers

Are you filming for Youtube? Please read the following!

First of all, there is A LOT of work put in this map, so if you make a video, please put this in the description for proper credit!

map: Godzilla in Minecraft
By: www.youtube.com/TeamWooloo
Download: www.teamwooloo.com/godzilla.html

Just copy it over to your description :)!

And if you are just starting with Youtube and you don’t know how to make a good thumbnail yet: here are two made by Team Wooloo, which you can use! Link: Imgur album.

Download the godzilla map!

Hope you enjoy :)!

~Team Wooloo