Follow the instruction to add a Tazer to your world!

Installation instructions

Installation steps:

  1. Download the resource pack from the download block below
  2. Put the .zip file in the resource packs folder. Don’t know how?
  3. Enable the resource pack!
  4. Now scroll down to the text box underneath the download box. Copy the big command that’s inside.
  5. Go to your world you want to install it in, and give yourself a command block /give @p command_block
  6. Place down the command block, make sure there’s enough free space around
  7. Open the command block, and paste in the command you copied earlier using CTRL + V
  8. Power the command block (NOT FROM ABOVE!) and you are ready to go!

Be sure to watch the video for more information on the use of the tazer.

Resource pack

Click here to download the resourcepack!


One Command, (read instructions!):