Welcome to A Giant Quest!

Have you ever wanted to become a Giant? Well this is your chance! In this Minecraft Custom Map YOU can become a giant!

Your village is in danger. A gigantic dragon is threatening to destroy it! After becoming Gigantic you go on an epic quest to defeat him. You travel through the giant island, in search for key items you need to destroy him. Don’t just focus on killing the dragon though, enjoy the view while you are up there, explore the region and maybe even destroy everything because you can’t be trusted with so much power!

This map offers a Unique Experience. It only takes about 5 minutes if you are going to hurry, so we recommend taking your time and having fun as a giant for an optimal experience!

Tested for: Minecraft Version 1.10.


IMPORTANT: If you are a YOUTUBER you have to copy this INTO THE DESCRIPTION:

Map Made By: http://www.youtube.com/TeamWooloo
Download: https://youtu.be/7_btvh825MY

IF YOU DONT you will be added to an Automatic Kill List In-Game (this will automaticly /kill you whenever you join or respawn) for any future updates and future maps. We are sorry we have to do this but our creations have been abused so many times in the past we have to take serious steps to protect them. PLEASE DONT FORGET TO CREDIT ;-;!

But anyways. Here’s the download. Have fun!

Download the map!