Welcome to Half Heart Race! A Minecraft map all about speed and skill! You have to maneuver your way through an epic parkour, with only 2 hearts (In normal difficulty, other difficulties range from 4 hearts to 0.5 hearts!), without the ability to regenerate!

This map is for both Singleplayer and for Multiplayer:

Singleplayer: Race against the clock! We’ve tried our best to make this map as fun as possible to speedrun, there are tons of different routes (both intended and unintended) all with different risks and rewards. How fast can you go?

Multiplayer: Race against your friends!

This map is intended to be played on Minecraft version 1.8+.

If you record this for youtube, Please copy this into your video description:

Map: https://youtu.be/GdEzlRT4myw
Creators: http://www.youtube.com/TeamWooloo

Download the map!